ASDA , Isle of Wight

A 72,000 sq ft Asda store in the Isle of Wight’s main shopping town of Newport opened its doors for business in August 2017. Simons Construction, having previous experience of working with Asda, took on the challenge and completed the build within 10 months.

The Simons’ team engaged extensively with the local community - and wildlife! The site contained a protected area for Doormice and Slow-worms which had to be delicately handled, as well as the construction of an earth returning site retaining wall. This was created by spraying biomaterial on the structure to result in a slow growing grass covered wall with shrubs to blend into the local environment. A special siltbuster machine ensured no harm came to any protected species during construction.

The project was finished on time despite variations and wildlife interventions and 100 per cent of waste from site was recycled with the donation of re-useable pallets given to local residents.




Newport, Isle of Wight

Project Team:

Simons Construction

Simons Design

McLeod & Aitken

Dave Dickenson & Associates

Rose Associates



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