Elipta Compliance Building, Ware

The creation a carbon neutral facility to re-house four pharmaceutical operational areas was the challenge given to Simons’ Design and Construction teams by client GSK.

This required a number of technical issues to be resolved including a major question around whether a pharmaceutical facility could ever achieve carbon neutrality plus some industry imposed standards. Undeterred, the team used some unusual construction techniques to overcome these issues and currently the building is the lowest carbon building in the GSK portfolio, becoming ever more efficient as time goes on. With continued usage, the facility will be completely carbon neutral in seven years.

The project is award winning and has gained global recognition as an industry leading zero carbon and climate change resilient facility since it opened its doors in 2016.




Ware, Hertfordshire

Project Team:

Simons Design

Simons Construction

Ridge & Partners

Ross & Partners

Couch Perry Wilkes


£4 million

Customer Testimonial

“The site now has a facility which meets the required standards with the required capacity. The facility will have significantly reduced operating costs and should be far more resilient to climate change and short-term extreme weather, whilst retaining the required internal environmental conditions” - GSK

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