Nottingham City Hospital

Simons rose to the challenge of remodelling a working hospital building from a Victorian edifice, into a state of the art 21st century critical care unit, all within an existing teaching campus.

Limited space on site meant that possession needed to be phased and the team needed to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the end result made best use of the space and budget available. The best utilisation of space saw the plant for the individual air systems located on the roof of the existing building, whilst procurement of specialist medical pendants saw Simons lead on visits to manufacturers in the UK and Germany.

Ultimately Nottingham has become the first critical care facility in the UK to have an innovative and bespoke central swivel combined pendant/hoist developed by Drager Medical; making it an exemplar facility for the entire country and leading to it being a finalist in the Building Better Healthcare Awards.


Nottinghamshire University Hospitals NHS Trust


Nottingham City Campus

Project Team:

Simons Design

Simons Construction


£4.8 million

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