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Building greener report 2012 - 2013

Our latest Building Greener report for 2012-13 is available, showing that commitments to sustainability are spreading throughout the company.

Improvements in office energy efficiency and suite management continue to reap benefits. This year has seen projects completed from the north coast of Scotland to the south of the UK and from the east coast of Norfolk and Lincolnshire to South and North Wales. This has resulted in a significant increase in our transport carbon footprint equivalent to an extra 68 miles per person per week than in 2011-12. which is effectively an extra journey a week. 

The company's Head of Sustainability, Rosi Fieldson is confident in the actions to reduce this next year: "The answer to the question of how this carbon intensive trend can be halted lies in adopting smarter ways of working; using smart communication technology, exploiting social networking tools and learning from logistical planning of our food retail customers." 

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