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Considerate Constructors Scheme Gold Award

The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) is an invaluable channel for engaging our site teams and supply chain with health and safety. With a new scoring system established in 2013, we rose to the challenge and achieved an impressive 45/50 on our site in Melton Mowbray for Sainsbury’s.

 Last year, our team working on the refurbishment works of Waterside Shopping Centre has achieved an ‘innovative’ 10/10 for their efforts with health and safety on the projects. More information on both of these projects is provided further on in the report. 

The efforts made by our teams are highlighted in the feedback from the CCS monitors, cementing the importance of health and safety to Simons as a company. We have created a bespoke checklist for all sites in line with the new scoring system, to ensure that our sites are reaching the highest standards, whilst engaging our teams and supply chain in helping to improve the impression of the construction industry.

 The feedback on our sites has been phenomenal, with a few examples  below:

 “The whole workforce gives a good professional image… A very good standard has been achieved on this site.”Morrisons Carterton “Being spotlessly clean and completely protected by well-placed Heras panels is enabling an excellent industry image to be projected.”

Waitrose Oundle

 “Very impressed with Mark’s (Site    Manager) attitude towards construction & considerate contracting, he is obviously experienced in construction and views considerate contracting as part of normal day-to-day working.”

Bentalls Kingston

 “Very good open door policy… A very good standard of compliance with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice. Well done.”Debenhams Cheshire Oaks “Strong safety ethos on site. Very good recycling rates achieved and positive initiatives to reduce energy and water use on site. Welfare facilities remain to a very high standard and there is a positive commitment to the fair treatment and support of the workforce, as evidenced in the Investor in People award.”

Gazeley MP2

 “Good environmental ethos clearly exists within the company and is supported on site which could promote company reputation if promoted locally in the area… No recorded accidents… The company is rightfully proud of its career development and training positions with examples of these on site.”

North Lincolnshire Retail Park

 “Excellent relationships maintained with personnel already being invited to post-completion party.”M&S Newcastle “Excellent attention has been applied to environmental issues throughout project, alerting neighbours and all interested parties to the company’s green credentials, which can sometimes be taken for granted. David’s friendly and sociable demeanour evidently engenders a good relationship with the workforce and the local community, which was well recognised.”

Morrisons Bargoed

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