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FSC® Friday at Simons Group

We have celebrated FSC® Friday by installing a range of bird and insect boxes around 991 Doddington Road...

Head of Sustainability Rosi Fieldson said:

"This is a great opportunity to raise the profile of legal and sustainable timber and the availability of properly certified timber products. It was interesting that such a wide range of FSC® certified products are available locally to deliver property solutions for wildlife. We also get the chance to raise awareness of biodiversity on our own small patch of Lincoln landscape by providing space for this years hibernation season and next year's nesting season."

Rosi presented the Full FSC® project Certification journey for Cheshire Oaks (TT-PRO-003615) at Timber Expo in Coventry on 25th. Certifying body BMTRADA have also produced a case study about Cheshire Oaks and our involvement.

Have a look at our Twitter (@Izy_SimonsGroup & @Simons_Group) and Facebook pages ('Simons Group Ltd') for photos.

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