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Markham Moor Hyperbolic Paraboloid Petrol Station

English Heritage have awarded Grade II listed status to the well known Markham Moor petrol station situated on the southbound A1.

The roof structure is in the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid and was designed by Architect Sam Scorer (1923-2003). Sometimes known as a saddle roof which follows a convex curve about one axis and a concave curve about the other.

Simons were the original contractors on the scheme and were also involved in the conversion of the building for Granada Hospitality to create a Little Chef in 1996. The building had been somewhat neglected over the past few years but following lobbying on behalf of local residents and supporters the building has now received listed status.

John Penrose, Minister for Heritage, said "These petrol station canopies are splendid reminders of an era, not so long ago, when motoring was first becoming available to all, and a family car journey was very often an adventure in itself. These designs were futuristic at the time and they continue to delight - they have clearly stood the test of time."

This doesn't mean they must remain unchanged for all time, but it does mean that they will now have an extra layer of protection against demolition or inappropriate redevelopment".

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