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New Building Greener download : Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing in Construction

Our Sustainability Manager Dr Rosi Fieldson has been working with a select group of key sustainability figures across the construction industry to for a ‘hackathon’ to create a Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing in Construction, supported by the Action Programme for Responsible Sourcing (APRES), based at Loughborough University. Key focuses of the report include procurement, transparency, health and safety, wellbeing, collaboration and communication. 

Professor Jacqui Glass of Loughborough university introduced the manifesto in an incredibly poignant and relatable way, further highlighting the importance for this focus: 

“In a year when UK businesses are getting to grips with both the impending introduction of the Living Wage and the implications of the Modern Slavery Act, it seems inevitable that tough questions should start getting asked about ethical policies and practices. In the case of an industry such as construction, known for its long and complex supply chains across global markets, these questions do not simply stop at the entrance to the building site, or even at the UK border. 

“The reality of corporate responsibility has been brought into sharp focus more recently by the tragic events of the Rana Plaza factory collapse that shook fashion retail. The horsemeat scandal affecting the food sector also provided a salutary business lesson regarding supply-chain risk. In response to growing ethical concerns, the construction industry is therefore rightly being called upon to take a stand and articulate its position on ethical sourcing. 

“In its openness and honesty, it is my hope that this Manifesto will energise the debate around ethical sourcing in construction, encouraging a collaborative and dynamic dialogue, both within the industry and beyond. Ethical sourcing is a critical measure for future sector sustainability and supply-chain resilience. We all know the questions; now is the time for answers.” 

Professor Jacqui Glass

MCIOB Chair in Architecture and Sustainable Construction School of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University

Click here to download a PDF of the manifesto.

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