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Simons "Build Safer" with local schoolchildren

Simons Group are continuing their commitment to health and safety by engaging schoolchildren and students in a "Simon Says" character design competition.

Last week, members of Simons Group visited schoolchildren at St Hugh’s Catholic Primary School and spoke to the children about health, safety and sustainability. The pupils discussed the risks on a construction site and looked at what goes into Simons’ sites to ensure risks are reduced. One of the schoolchildren was also announced as the winner of the company’s 

‘Simons Says’ competition, designing a costume to help communicate health,  safety and environmental messages to children on future Simons Construction  sites. Alessandro Tasselli (11) was presented with an iPad Mini and it was  announced that Simons will be working on a new project for St Hugh’s. The  company’s project team currently working on the major refurbishment for the  Waterside Shopping Centre will create a new range of vegetable patches for  the different age groups, engaging the children in how to grow vegetables  in different seasons.

Headteacher Gregory Hughes said, "We were thrilled to have been shortlisted  for such a fantastic competition, but to have actually produced the winning  design is something to be really proud of. Alessandro will be moving onto  his Secondary School in the Autumn but leaving behind a wonderful gift that  will be used and enjoyed by the pupils of St Hugh’s for many years to come.  It’s great to see a Lincolnshire based company such as Simons supporting  local primary schools. This has been a very exciting project to be involved  in and we look forward to seeing the design take shape!"

The aim of the ‘Simons Says’ project is to engage with the community to  help improve the image of construction, in line with the company’s  ‘Building Safer’ and ‘Building Greener’ policies. The project has been  taken to fashion students at the University of Lincoln and development will  continue on the company’s other projects to encourage a nationwide  awareness.

The children will be visiting the site in due course, where they will be  able to see their drawings cover the site hoardings, as well as meet the  team behind the works.

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