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Simons commit to sustainable travel efforts

In a bid to increase behavioural awareness regarding the carbon footprint of the workforce, Simons has created a bespoke sustainable travel plan with local organisation, Access LN6.

Access LN6 is a £6.5million programme to improve sustainable transport options in the LN6 area of Lincoln and Hykeham. It is increasing opportunities to walk, cycle and use public transport, as well as making improvements to infrastructure in the area, including:

  • Improved bus services
  • Improvements to Hykeham Station
  • Bike hire schemes and better storage facilities
  • Improved cycling and walking infrastructure
  • LN6 Car Sharing scheme

Simons have a key performance indicator for business travel and in in the last financial year the company achieved 2.33tCO2/capita. The aim for next year is to reduce this further to 1.29tCO2/capita, with further targets being announced in the company’s sustainability report which will be released later this year.

Challenges that have been set within the plan include encouraging staff to divert from single occupancy car journeys to head office to sustainable modes of transport by 13% by April 2015, increase car-sharing journeys by 4% by April 2015 and increasing the use of public transport across the business‘ nationwide projects by 1%. The travel plan will be monitored annually by the Access LN6 Team who will use the baseline data from the original survey to measure the positive effects of the Travel Plan and how this is benefitting staff and the company.

The travel plan created with Access LN6 highlights measures to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and promote greener, sustainable transport options. The aim is for the plan to start creating a positive impact on air quality, traffic congestion and employee health, whilst also complimenting Simons‘ Building Greener strategy.

Making further efforts with sustainable travel, Simons and Access LN6 have created incentives for employees to cycle to work in the hope that many local commutes will be displaced and the company has also committed to the installation of electric car charging points at the head office in Lincoln later on in the year.

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