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Simons' Environmental Champion named in Building's 50 Stars of Sustainability

Simons' Environmental Champion Ed Dixon has been named as one of Building Magazine's top 50 rising stars of sustainability.

Since the beginning of the year, Building has been on the hunt for the most talented young people working in sustainable construction. In order to identify the top 50 profiled over the following pages, over 70 senior industry figures were contacted for their nominations.

Building were looking for individuals under 40 from across the industry who are making waves in sustainability. This year's 50 rising stars are therefore all examples of emerging talents that have been recognised by those at the very top of the industry.

Having worked on Marks and Spencer's Cheshire Oaks for 2 years as Environmental Champion, Ed helped to raise the standards of sustainability within the company and helped to set the bar for future construction sites. Now working on secondment from Simons to M&S' Plan A Property team, Ed is managing the post-occupancy evaluation of the ecostore.

This is a consecutive short-listing for Simons' Building Greener team, as Head of Environmental Rosi Fieldson was short-listed last year.

To read the interview with Ed, Download the Building Magazine PDF on the right hand side, alternatively the full article with all 50 stars is available in the April issue - out March 1st.

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