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Simons Group launch 'Building Healthier'

On World Health Day, Simons Group launched a company wellbeing strategy, Building Healthier. To celebrate the launch, representatives from Lincolnshire Sport, Macmillan Cancer Support and EPOC (Early Presentation of Cancer programme) were on hand to share advice and tips for healthy living, along with the provision of healthy recipe ideas for employees to share.

The company intends to create a holistic approach to wellbeing. The traditional view of having the right tools and products in place to support employees’ health, such as Occupational Health, Private Health and Employee Assistance Programmes are already in place but will be combined with inspiring a ‘healthy organisation’- one that introduces programmes and initiatives to improve employee health. 

Simons will be looking to improve levels and increase awareness of mental health, prostate cancer and smoking cessation, along with improving levels of fitness across the workforce. Healthy eating is one of the strategy’s key focuses. “Fruit Friday” was launched earlier in the year on the construction company’s project for Sheffield Children’s hospital, where the Project Manager provides a selection of fruit and asks all on site to swap their sweets for fruit. This became successful very quickly and was soon adopted on site for Nuffield Hospital in Cambridge. The overall buy-in across the workforce and the supply chain means that this is now being considered across all sites.

To support mental health awareness and to recognise the impact of relationship building within the company, “Simons‘ Shoulder” is being introduced. Employees are being encouraged to nominate a colleague who has supported them in their time of need, with prizes and rewards available.

A number of wellbeing ‘champions’ will be nominated from across Simons’ business units. The champions can then have active participation with HR in devising and developing the wellbeing vision and plan.

To create further engagement with the strategy, employees have also been asked to vote on the “Building Healthier” logo, which will be announced once the votes have been counted. In order to ensure full access across the workforce, details and feedback will be shared across the company’s internal Yammer platform, to provide full updates to those working nationally.

Competitions and campaigns will happen throughout the year, with the first year of findings and results shared in the company’s Corporate Responsibility report in 2016.

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