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Simons Group provide site tour and design challenges to local Girl Guides

Simons Group’s project team working on the construction of North Lincolnshire Shopping Park played host to the 1st Morton Girl Guides on site this week.

The girls were given a tour of the park and were given great insight into the various stores‘ features, including practicalities within the designs, sustainable design features within the park and the benefits, such as solar panels and the rainwater harvesting systems and also discussed the logistics of having multiple retailers involved in the project and the different needs involved.

The Guides were then given a task of designing and planning how to build a new timber meeting hut to use for camps and meetings, with working facilities and space for a group visit. The girls had to explore whether bespoke, flat-packed or recycled options would be the best and create designs which would be incorporated into the end result. The girls have been working towards the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge badge which celebrates 100 years since Brownies started in 1914.

The team members from Simons were keen to share knowledge on a design level and inform about the project, but also had the opportunity to highlight careers for women in construction, which involved conversations regarding sustainability, communications, project management, architecture, amongst others. By the end of the visit, when asked if any of the girls would be interested in working in construction, plenty of hands were raised, resulting in an incredibly proud project team.

Guide leader Jos Baldock said, “The Guides had a great time, and really got into the spirit of the evening despite the rain. I think some of them liked getting kitted out in safety gear best. Simons were great and gave the Guides an insight into what goes on within a construction site, including some bird related challenges. It also gave them an opportunity to think about and have an input into the construction of our new cabin at the campsite.“

Rosi Fieldson, Head of Environment for Simons added, "It's great for girls to see the young women at Simons taking a leading role on a major construction project and be able to get a chance to see how buildings are constructed. The Guides came away with lots of ideas for their ideal campsite hut and a clear preference to use a prefabricated log cabin chalet design to reduce waste on site and deliver the facility faster, with minimum skills required!“

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