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Simons Group Shwop at Work

Simons Group has been doing its bit for the environment and helping employees to clear out their wardrobes after Christmas, with a month-long Shwopping event at the companys head office in Lincoln. Throughout January, hundreds of garments were donated, enough to fill 12 large waste bags. The clothing was collected by Oxfam in Lincoln, who will now begin to recycle or sell the donations.

Shwopping is a joint Marks Spencer and Oxfam initiative, which gives unwanted clothes a future and aims to dramatically reduce the estimated 1 billion items of clothing that are sent to landfill each year in the UK. Donated clothes are given to Oxfam to be resold, both in the UK and abroad where there maybe greater demand for certain fabrics and garments. The money raised will help support people living in poverty.

"Oxfam is going to help us by setting up a co-operative so we can sell our produce at better prices. Its true, we could get more for our walnuts if we sold them in Yerevan, and even more if theyre sold green."

Irina Avenessyan, an Armenian farmer (pictured)

Any clothing that cannot be resold by Oxfam is reused or recycled. For example, lower quality materials can be turned into mattress stuffing or car seat filling, while high quality material can be made into new fabric. Absolutely nothing goes to landfill.

Alex Florea, MS Shwopping Delivery Manager said of the event, "We are so pleased that Simons Group have joined the Shwopping revolution, along with 117 other organisations, large and small. We have collected over 70,000 garments to date through Shwop at Work, which not only have been saved from landfill, but have helped Oxfam make a difference where it is needed most. The collective power of organisations like Simons is what we are looking to harness at MS, so that together we can make a difference to the environment and help those people most in need."

Simons Groups Head of Environment Dr Rosi Fieldson added, Reducing waste is a huge priority for us, so where better than to start than in our homes? Shwopping provides a great, fun way to do our bit and help where we can. After the success of it at Simons this year, it is clear to see that people really believe in Shwopping and we look forward to repeating this in 2016, and hopefully helping even more.

Shwopping facts:

  • 2,739,744 items of clothing are sent to landfill every day
  • 500,000 tonnes of clothes are sent to landfill each year (weight of the worlds tallest building)
  • Since the launch of Shwopping in April 2012, MS and Oxfam have seen over 10 million items of clothes donated, worthan estimated £6.5 million to Oxfam
  • The total weight of shwopping donations so far is over 9,900 tonnes
  • 117 other organisations are taking part in Shwop at Work

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