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Simons Group's 2014/15 Corporate Responsibility Report

Simons Group are proud to issue the annual corporate responsibility report, featuring targets and highlights measurable against the company’s values.  

Highlights include:

  • 99.96% waste diverted from landfill across projects.
  • Over 2.5 years RIDDOR free across frameworks.
  • 30% female workforce, compared to the industry average of 11%.
  • Phenomenal internal engagement survey results.
  • Investor in People Silver accreditation.
  • Over 500 training sessions provided for workforce.
  • Over £13,000 donated and raised for charities across the UK.

Corporate responsibility at Simons is about delivering great projects whilst upholding a clear commitment to our values. As we continue to drive profitable and sustainable growth, we place trust in our people to deliver with conviction despite the risks they commonly face in a fast paced and complex industry. This report measures our activities against our core values, the backbone of our business.

The company’s levels of community engagement and wellbeing efforts can be seen throughout the report, with feedback from across the country and best practice examples from across the company’s activity. The report also includes further details on targets set last year, initiatives launched throughout the year and the latest sustainability results and 2020 targets.

“Having joined Simons in July 2014 this is my first Corporate Responsibility Report.  A key decision point for me when deciding to join was what kind of business it was. What are the company values, what is the impact of its work on society and the environment, are they good to their employees and to their suppliers? All these and more are key considerations to business stakeholders both internal and external alike. The Corporate Responsibility Report is a great way of looking into a business and getting an insight into what kind of organisation it says it is. I am pleased to report that I have arrived at the business I thought l was joining and it feels like the kind of organisation that it publicly proclaims to be.

Like them or not, I believe in the main that Corporate Responsibility Reports are a positive, human response to demonstrating that businesses are populated by people who care and want to demonstrate that they recognise their personal and collective responsibility and that they are making a positive contribution to society, the environment and the economy.

Looking ahead we commit to maintaining the necessary transparency to make our Corporate Responsibility Reports worthwhile. We commit to setting challenging targets to improve our business and further our positive contributions to society, the environment and the economy.  Doing business the Simons way, we aim to make our people proud and be the first choice for our customers and suppliers.”

Tom Robinson, Chief Executive, Simons Group

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