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Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/2016

An introduction from Tom Robinson, Chief Executive:

I always enjoy the time of year when I am handed the Corporate Responsibility Report in draft to read. I make a point of reading it from cover to cover in one sitting, as this gives such a fantastic view of everything we have set about achieving and achieved during the last year.

I find reading the report gives a huge sense of pride in the brilliant people who work for Simons and some of the incredible organisa­tions we work with, both as customers and in our supply chain.

I also find the process of review and reflection is cathartic and energising in revitalising a spirit to drive forward on the next leg of achieving our long-term corporate responsibility objectives.

Your objective for reading the report is likely to be different to mine - but whatever your motivation, I trust that you will appreciate a genuine commitment to improve and some demonstrable examples of our achievement. 

Corporate responsibility highlights why people want to work for us and why our customers continue to want to work with us. We know what is truly important to our people and our communities and we go the extra mile to help make a difference. We believe that the majority of people that work for us and with us do so because they know that the ethics of the business are a key driver and that we care about our legacy. 

The company values are held dear by our employees and act as the benchmarks for our corporate responsibility. These actions bring the different company units together in a way that is both holistic for the company and strategically beneficial to the business, making sure that we have the best people striving to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and other stakeholder relationships. 


The read the company’s 2015/16 Corporate Responsibility report, please follow this link

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