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Simons hosts charity football event in London with Citygrove

Simons Group have raised £349 for Headway North West London by hosting a charity hogroast on site in Ruislip, inviting site workers, team members and key stakeholders to site on Thursday 16th June. Guests were given an update on the works being carried out for Citygrove at the Old Dairy site in Ruislip, whist being treated to a local hogroast, cakes baked by one of the builders and a screening of the England vs Wales Euro football match.

Tom Robinson, Chief Executive of Simons Group said, “It’s quite a novel event for us, but it really appeals to all that makes us Simons. For us it’s largely about people; whether it’s the important relationships that we build with our customers, the relationships that we build with our supply chain, our consultants, or indeed the positive contributions that we like to make with the local community. Using the power of sport and food to make a really important contribution to the local charity that the project team have selected, Headway North West London, fits perfectly with our company values and the construction industry.  It is great to see all the progress being made on site and catching up with key stakeholders that we welcomed to site in December, huge amounts of progress made, look forward to seeing more until Spring 2017.“

Headway North West London (HNWL) provides services and support for those in the local community whose lives have been affected by acquired/traumatic brain injury (A/TBI). Based in Harrow, HNWL is an independent registered charity and a limited company with its own constitution. Although fully independent, HNWL is affiliated to “Headway – the brain injury association”, which is the leading UK charity dedicated to the care and support of people affected by acquired brain injury, with a network of groups and branches across the UK. 

Aimee Parker, Service Manager at HNWL said of the efforts, “I would like to say a huge thank you to all at Simons Group for their efforts in organising this fundraiser to raise awareness for brain injury and support us as their local Headway branch. Simons Group’s commitment to helping us to support brain injury survivors and their families in our local community is sincerely appreciated. The goal of HNWL is to continue to make a difference in the local community for people living with an acquired brain injury. The money raised today could pay for a month of office rent, a couple of speech language therapy sessions, a couple of outings for our patients, so we really appreciate the support.”

Andrew Rennie, Managing Director of Citygrove added, “Citygrove is delighted to be supporting the charity hogroast at The Old Dairy to raise funds for Headway North West London. It has been great to learn more about Headway and the great work and support for the charity. It has also provided a great opportunity for us to showcase the progress of the leisure and retail development as it takes shape, with construction works on schedule and we look forward to the rest of the development coming along smoothly until Spring’s grand opening.“

On site, the structural works of the scheme are starting to take shape, with the steelwork to the restaurant units complete and the Cinema well over 50% complete. The remodelling of Victoria Road around the new site entrance is also racing toward completion with re-surfacing to the existing carriageway due towards the end of the Month. Coming up, roadworks will begin on the Long Drive and Victoria Road intersection. The scheme is on track to complete in early Spring of 2017. 

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