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Simons Short-listed for National Recycling Awards

Simons Group are delighted to have been named as a finalist for this Materials Recycling World (MRW) Magazine’s National Recycling Awards as Construction Recycler of the Year. The 2014 National Recycling Awards recognise excellence in all parts of the waste and resource management industry, with awards ranging from 'waste prevention' to 'best recycled product' and all points between. A record number of entries were received this year, with the short-list recognised for effective strategies, tangible improvements, innovative and creative solutions and a strong business case.

Robin Latchem, Editor of MRW said "This year the National Recycling Awards have broken all records for entries, up nearly a third on last year, for example. There has also been a marked shift in recent years with companies and organisations outside the traditional recycling and waste management industry taking part. We'd reviewed some of the categories this year as a result and, as the excellent short-list shows, several household names are both embracing resource efficiency and wanting to shout about the benefits to their bottom line.

"Over the last 12 months, Simons has completed 68 construction projects in 2013 for 15 key customers from the retail and health sectors in the UK. 88% of the sites completed, with over 95% diversion of construction waste to landfill and 32% of those sites achieved zero waste to landfill.

The company has been working on improving segregation of construction waste on site over a number of years. Simons established its Building Greener strategy in 2010. Strengthening the company’s sustainable initiatives, targets covered include water, carbon, biodiversity and responsible sourcing as well as waste. The target for waste has been to divert over 96% of construction waste from landfill by 2014, which has been consistently out-performed over the years.

The behavioural change on sites has been achieved through years of successful collaboration with waste brokers Go Green and DS Smith. Last year saw Simons collaborate for the first time with the National Community Wood Recycling Network, donating off-cuts and surplus packaging to social enterprises and community groups to be used for learning, training, maintenance and art projects. Due to a major fire at a key recycling centre in the North West, a few sites failed to recycle any waste. Unfortunate incidents like this mean that Simons are not dogmatic about their waste to landfill target but remain relentless with the efforts.

So far in 2014, just over 4 tonnes of waste have been sent to landfill by the company, from the demolition of internal structure a shopping centre Simons are remodelling. The new challenge for Simons is to divert all waste to landfill by 2020. This a significant challenge that is seeing teams being tasked to spend less on waste than the previous year’s averages for their work stream. This has proved to be a useful cost reduction on projects, with some sites spending 1.5% of their contract value on waste skips in comparison to less than 0.32% on the most efficient sites. The company is also looking at the most effective size and shape of skip, to suit the waste stream and reduce the carbon footprint of the skip supplier, as well as make skips more cost effective.

The winners will be announced at the annual awards ceremony, on 3 July at the London Hilton on Park Lane and will be attended by over 800 professionals from the waste and recycling, construction, health and retail sectors in addition to a multitude of local authorities.

The 2014 short-list can be found at www.nationalrecyclingawards.com 

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